Year 5 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8


We have examined forms of poetry. Students have been looking at various language features (alliteration, repetition, simile, rhythm, and onomatopoeia). Through the study of humorous and entertaining poems. Students have also analysed ways presenters engage and entertain their audience through performance features (gestures, expression, tone, and pace.) They are in the process of choosing a poem to rehearse and then perform to the class.

Ask your child which poem they have chosen and why? What performance features can they add to their recital to engage the audience more?  


We have been finalising the ‘Finals Fever’ investigation. Students have undergone a process of comparing the cost of flights between airlines, comparing hotel packages and finding ticket prices. They are using this information to create a budget sheet and explain the process of their selection with justified reasoning to attend a sporting Grand Final of their choice, anywhere in the world.

Ask your child about what accommodation they have found and why they have chosen it?


Students have been making connections between the environmental characteristics of North America, climate and where people live. They have been exploring the cause and effect these settlements and human actions have on the environment. Students are drawing conclusions between landforms, climate and the prevalence of wildfires and the impact these fires have on communities and the environment. 

Ask your child about where is most of North America and Australia’s population located (coastal or inland) and why? You can also ask about what causes a wildfire, what are some of the positive and negative impacts and how we can prevent them? 

Leadership Positions for 2021

The voting procedure has begun. Well done to all the students who applied. The effort that went into the applications, rehearsing, and delivering their election video was outstanding. Year 3, 4 and 5 students, as well as all the teachers, are now having to make the extremely difficult choice of selecting who they would like to elect for each of the positions. On Friday 20 November the Head and Deputy Boy and Girl and House Captains will be announced to students. The new Primary student leaders of 2021 will be shared with the wider school community the following week. We wish every student good luck. 

Uniform Shop 

As of this week, students are required to wear blazers (and ties for boys). We are also getting a lot of uniform requests. Due to Covid restrictions, parents must make an appointment to enter the uniform shop on campus. However, students are permitted to go to the uniform shop before school, during recess or lunch without an appointment, as they are already on campus. Order forms are located on the school’s website and it is open every Monday and Thursday. More information regarding the uniform shop, opening hours and appointment bookings can be found here

Year 5 Team

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