Year 5 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10


Students have been writing more of their own poetry. They have been using language features such as repetition to create some imaginative creations. Students are consolidating their handwriting with clearly-formed joined letters and developing an increased fluency. We are also revising reading strategies such as rereading the text, decoding and skimming during various reading activities.

Ask your child about their ‘If I Were In Charge of the World’, ‘I’m Tired’ (by Michael Rosen) or diamante poem.


In Mathematics we have revised various graphing models from dot plots to column and line graphs. Students have explored the major components of these graphs and which graph should be used in different scenarios. We are also revising compass points, coordinates, grid references and latitude and longitude. These last few topics have also tied in nicely with our Geography unit.

Ask your child if they have an acronym for the compass points and what is the difference between a latitude line and a longitude line.


In Geography students have identified the location of Europe, its 47 countries and located famous landmarks and landforms. We have moved our focus to the impact and effect of major flooding in Venice, Italy.

Ask your child what countries they can locate and what they know about Venice.

Year 5 Team

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