Year 4 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8


Our English focus continues to be context in writing.  What is appropriate in terms of style for a note to a friend?  Or a letter to the Head of School? How formal or informal should the writing be?  And how is that achieved?  These are only a few of the questions that students are continuing to consider when writing this term. Different classes have taken different angles on this, with some learning about email, letters, diary entries or postcards as only some examples. As always, grammar and punctuation dovetail into this, with continued encouragement to punctuate sentences correctly and to check that writing is grammatically correct – particularly with word endings and noun-verb agreement.   


Students have been learning about decimals recently – to the tenths and hundredths.  They have demonstrated their learning by ordering them on a number line, counting on in tenths or hundredths and comparing decimals to define greater than or less than. This leads very nicely into money and the exploration of money and making change, using a variety of methods.  Perhaps students could take charge of some small shopping expeditions at home to consolidate their work with money.  


It has been so heartening to see how much our students are loving their swimming lessons.  Only one week into it, they are eager and happy to be in the pool. Thank you for helping them to remember their kit on swimming days.  


Health this term is all about education regarding drugs, with a focus on everyday items that are, in fact, drugs, such as tea, coffee and colas.  We have been discovering that medicines can be helpful or harmful, depending on how they are used, the quantity used and by whom.  Emphasis has been placed on safety and checking with an adult to ensure they are always used correctly.  There have been some very dramatic and memorable skits to illustrate various scenarios that could arise, and I believe we have many budding potential Oscar winners!








Library message from Mrs Atkins

Library Borrowing

It is always wonderful to welcome the Primary students to the Library for borrowing and, as the end of the year draws closer, we have some Library reminders and updates in regard to book loans:

  • Students borrow in their classes in Week 9 & 10 as normal (Christmas books are now available)
  • Books are due back in Week 11 to allow time for the 3 day book quarantine, returning and shelving prior to the end of term
  • Next week, you may be contacted via email if your child currently has any overdue books and we ask that these be returned as soon as possible please
  • Students who are returning to AISHK in 2021 and are keen to borrow for the December/January holiday period, may do so in Week 11 on their class borrowing day. 

 Premier’s Reading Challenge Certificates

The Premier’s Reading Challenge team in NSW have advised the certificates are almost ready and students who completed the Challenge this year should receive their certificate before the end of term. 


Yes, camp has now come  and gone and we had a great time!  Hong Kong’s weather smiled on us – neither too hot, nor too cold, Sai Kung Country Park had many places for the 6 activities held.  They were: hiking, raft building, making fire, catapults, the Tower and mangrove exploration.  Not to mention encounters with wildlife: bees, butterflies and a spider or too!  But hey, that’s what camp is all about, isn’t it?  We will be sharing (by separate communication) with you some views of the days we spent there. Thank you to all Year 4 teachers, of course, but also all the other adult helpers who volunteered to help the success of this camp – Ms Stapelton, Mr Brown, Mr Kean and Mr Reed.  

All the best,

Suzanne Sinclair and the Year 4 Team

Suzanne Sinclair

Demmin Smith  

Lesley Stewart 

Benjamin Picker