Year 3 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

We hope you enjoy reading what we have been learning in Year 3. It also has questions and activity suggestions that you can use to prompt your child about their learning. It is packed full of important information about upcoming events.


As we continue delving into the world of Keith and his family in Morris Gleitzman’s book ‘Misery Guts’, Year 3 students have had the chance to experiment with interesting things they have noticed in the book. These range from character descriptions, language features to writing style and story progression. 

How can you support this at home?

Read with your child at home and ask them to find new words in the book

Ask your child about the book they are reading and whether they have noticed anything interesting?


Year 3 students have explored all things fractions. They have discovered that fractions can be shown in a variety of ways such as pictures, words, numbers and even pizza slices! Our next concept is 3D shapes. Students will create shapes from nets and describe them using terms like ‘edge’ and ‘corner’. 

How can you support this at home?

– Ask your child to look for 3D shapes around the home

– Highlight that objects like tables and chairs can be made out of a group of 3D shapes joined together.


After a busy few weeks exploring Australia’s states, territories, capital cities and climate zones, we are branching out to discover Australia’s neighbouring countries. It is so interesting to hear all the connections Year 3 students have to countries around the world and, in particular, to countries close to Australia.

How can you support this at home?

– Use Google Maps or Google Earth with your child, to identify and describe Australia’s neighbouring countries or ask your child to find Hong Kong’s neighbouring countries


Next week is the big week! Year 3 students (and teachers) are getting really excited to go on camp on Wednesday – Friday! On Monday, students will find out their groups and what activities they will enjoy each day. Please look out for this information coming home at the start of next week. Thank you to everyone for providing bus information so we can organise how each student is getting home each day.

Important Dates

Week 9
Wednesday 18 – Friday 21 September – Year 3 camp (day trips) 

Week 12
Tues 8 December – Last day of term (full day)