Year 2 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

It has been another great week of learning Year 2. As usual, our students have been busy taking part in a variety of learning experiences and we also took the opportunity this week to talk about the significance of Remembrance Day.


With a lot more clapping than usual in our English lessons, you may have already guessed that we have been learning all about syllables. Students have been learning how to count beats in words to identify syllables and have also been playing and making their own syllable games.

We have now begun to look at procedural writing and students are looking forward to constructing their own procedures for some of their favourite tasks and hobbies over the next couple of weeks.


After concluding our investigations into 3D shapes, students have now started to revisit fractions. We have been examining fractions in terms of shape, collections of objects and number. Students particularly enjoyed creating their own shops. In their shops, students had to work out prices they would charge for halves, quarters and eighths of food items.


Students have continued to take great care of their sunflowers. Although some have developed more than others, we are confident that we will soon have a complete crop of growing plants. This has been a wonderful exercise that has helped us to think really clearly about the needs of living things.

We have also been investigating how water is used around the school and at home as part of our investigation into natural resources. Students have also begun to think about how they can conserve water in their daily lives.

Library News


It is always wonderful to welcome the Primary students to the Library for borrowing and, as the end of the year draws closer, we have some Library reminders and updates in regard to book loans:

  • Students borrow in their classes in Week 9 & 10 as normal (Christmas books are now available)
  • Books are due back in Week 11 to allow time for the 3 day book quarantine, returning and shelving prior to the end of term
  • Next week, you may be contacted via email if your child currently has any overdue books and we ask that these be returned as soon as possible please
  • Students who are returning to AISHK in 2021 and are keen to borrow for the December/January holiday period, may do so in Week 11 on their class borrowing day.

Santa Letterbox

The students in Early Childhood are welcome to post a Santa letter in our Santa Letterbox this year. We are asking classes to post these by Friday 20th November to ensure there is time to send them to Santa in the North Pole!

Premier’s Reading Challenge Certificates

The Premier’s Reading Challenge team in NSW have advised the certificates are almost ready and students who completed the Challenge this year should receive their certificate before the end of term.