Year 2 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

It’s hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of the school year for 2020. This week, our Year 2 students have returned to the routines of online learning with a positive attitude and the impressive resilience that they have shown throughout the year. They have continued the excellent work they have done in class and begun new investigations in several subjects.


Students have been learning how to write a procedure. After writing a first procedure on ‘How to sneak a pet monster into school’, students looked closely at the features of procedure writing in general. They began to write procedures on topics of their own choosing and students certainly learnt a lot from each other as they shared their work.

Most recently, we have been investigating conjunctions and synonyms to make our writing more specific and interesting.


Our investigations into time have been really useful for many of our students. It has been great to see the children reading quarter-past, half-past and quarter-to times with increasing confidence. Through a series of carousel activities, students used their new time-telling skills in a variety of real life situations.

We have now begun to revise some of the topics we covered earlier in the semester to reinforce and enhance student understandings.


It’s been very exciting running Science experiments over Zoom this week. As our recent investigations have been focused on water, we have begun a series of experiments which all focus on amazing facts related to water. We are really looking forward to doing different mini-experiments in each of our lessons over the last couple of weeks of the term.

This week, we created an ‘ocean in a bottle’ to see how wind affects waves and tides. We also created ‘mini rain clouds’ using shaving foam and food colouring to find out more about the water cycle.


Library book returns and borrowing (Reception-Year 2) Week 11

Please contact the Library Staff via email if you would like to make an appointment to return and borrow some books in Week 11 for your child(ren) for the holidays.

If you prefer to return books only, you may drop them off to G/F security or have an older sibling return them to the Library. If this is not possible, you are welcome to keep the books at home until the new school year. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

AISHK Library and Online Resources

A reminder we have a list of AISHK Library and online resources available for student access. This may come in handy over the holidays.