Prep Newsletter | Term 4 Week 10

The time has come for our very last Prep newsletter. Can you believe the children have nearly finished their first year of school? Despite the fact that the students have had to adjust to online learning, we have been so impressed with the way they have adapted and maintained their focus as their learning continues at home. While we have been wrapping up the term, students have remained busy – learning new things and consolidating what they have already learned throughout the year. The children have come so far in their learning journeys and it has been a great pleasure and privilege to teach your children this year. 

Next week we are planning a fun-filled schedule full of Christmas crafts and activities, dress-up days, Christmas carols, a talent show and plenty of social time for the children to enjoy!

Talent Show (Speaking & Listening)

Next week the Prep’s are hosting a ‘Talent Show’ during our Speaking and Listening time. If your child would like to share a special talent (song, dance, musical instrument, joke etc.) please help them prepare for their set day. However, if they would continue with the original topic then please help them prepare for this also. The topic asks that children share how they celebrate Christmas or another significant event in the year (birthday, Easter, Chinese New Year etc).


In Literacy, we have been revising many writing and reading skills to ensure students feel prepared for their transition to Year 1. We have been reading and spelling camera words,  independently spelling words phonetically and using greater description in our writing by incorporating adjectives. We’ve been focusing on reading over our work to include capital letters and full stops while using a neat handwriting script. 

In English, we have continued our study of fairy tales. The students have enjoyed identifying the features of texts, discussing the main events and characters and retelling stories using gestures.


We have been revising many of this year’s topics in Mathematics. The children are benefiting from reviewing all they have learnt in Prep including addition and subtraction facts, Friends of 10, measurement, numbers to 20 and beyond, and doubles. 


In Geography we have been looking at maps and how they are an effective pictorial and symbolic representation of places. The students thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Mr Kean in the Boardroom for a “special” meeting. They have been busy completing a task for Mr Kean, who asked them to create a map of AISHK for the next years’ Preps. They have enjoyed taking tours and exploring our school on a deeper level.  This week students will be creating a birds-eye view of their chosen place in the school, identifying the features and the people in those spaces.

Library Lessons

In Library lessons, we have been focusing on comparing the special places of Aboriginal people to our own special places. The children have read stories, looked at Aboriginal maps and learnt how the Aboriginal people connect to their land.

Library Returns/Borrowing for holidays

Please contact the Library Staff via email if you would like to make an appointment to return and borrow some books in Week 11 for your child(ren) for the holidays. 

If you prefer to return books only, you may drop them off to the G/F security office or have an older sibling return them to the Library. If this is not possible, you are welcome to keep the books at home until the new school year. Please contact the friendly Library staff if you have any questions or concerns. 

AISHK Library and Online Resources

Mrs Atkins has created a list of wonderful resources which is available for AISHK students and families: AISHK Library and online resources.


  • End of term pick up is at the normal time of 2:45 pm on Tuesday 9th
  • Tuesday 9 December, Mufti Day (Dress Up)