AISHK Sport Update

It has been a long time coming, but we finally have a little bit of sport to get excited about!

We have now had two weeks of a modified morning sports program, where our students have been able to engage in some meaningful physical activity, improve their skills and socialise in a sports setting once again. Our early morning starters have been partaking in Basketball, Volleyball, Touch, Cross Country and our Silver, Gold and Platinum swim squads are back in the pool.

Unfortunately, there is still not a lot of opportunities for competition between schools, however, we have had some success where we can compete.

Sarah Broderick (year 7) has been representing AISHK in equestrian earlier in the year and has continued to flourish. Sarah was the only student from AISHK in the 2019 – 2020 competition and she managed to keep AISHK on the leader board again as she placed 2nd overall from 80 kids. She placed 1st overall in dressage and 4th overall in jumping that lead to a combined score from both leagues to an overall school placing of 2nd. A huge well done to Sarah for her outstanding efforts, and good luck to her and her team mates, Victoria Tsui and Camlyn Tippett, for the 2020 -2021 season.

In other sports, there have been some innovative ideas to run virtual events. Although they don’t quite have the same level of competitiveness, it certainly is the next best thing and gives our students the opportunity to compare themselves to others within their desired discipline. Ten of our Cross Country runners completed a 3km time trial which we entered into the CIS Virtual Cross Country. This was an open grade event designed to get students active. The 3km event had 496 entries of all ages up to year 13 and even some staff and parents. Our students that participated featured high up in the ranks, especially considering their ages. You can see their results below. Congratulations to all.

We hope to have more virtual running opportunities on the horizon through the ISSFHK, which I look forward to sharing details of soon.

Name Year Out of 243 Girls Overall (Of 496) Time
Charlotte Christmas 7 23 64 12.35
Sophie McCarthy 5 50 123 14.41
Sasha Pizzala 5 54 127 14.43
Ashley Liu 5 74 178 16.44
Out of 253 Boys Overall (Of 496)  
Thomas Christmas 7 37 51 12.06
Cooper Glanville 5 38 54 12.12
Thomas Gibson 7 40 56 12.2
William Holt 6 52 81 13.32
Jasper Palfrey 6 56 87 13.5
Daniel Whitton 5 94 167 15.59





Tim Tait | Director of Sports and Activities