Year 7 Orientation Day

On Wednesday 25 November, the Secondary school was delighted to warmly welcome the current Year 6 students for Orientation Day.

This was a very special day for the Year 6 students as they had the opportunity to be given a taste of Secondary life and to understand various aspects of Secondary school. This important day is also an essential milestone in a student’s educational journey.

The day began with a welcome from Miss Zhang, Mr West, Mr Phillips, key support staff and the 2021 School Prefects in the auditorium. Year 6 then participated in an extended homeroom session where students had the opportunity to engage with the homeroom teachers and mingle with the Prefects.

There were a lot of fun and exciting moments in the Design and Technology and Mandatory Technology classes as students had the chance to make a small chair or cookies! Year 6 also showed a sense of unflinching curiosity on the 7th floor as the students immersed themselves in the Science laboratory and conducted a series of astonishing experiments. Student involvement and enthusiasm was overwhelming, and their behaviour was exceptional. Year 6 students also enjoyed lunchtime with our School Prefects and colleagues on the Green Roof, and it was great to hear the sound of laughter and joyful conversation on the day.

It was an exciting day which hopefully reduced any anxiety and further sparked Year 6’s excitement for Secondary school next year. Many thanks to all the staff and senior students involved in the planning and organisation of this fantastic day.

We look forward to welcoming the Year 6s in 2021.

Lulu Zhang | Head of Year 7 – 2021