Head of Primary | Week 10 Update

As we draw closer to the end of year, I would like to say a huge thank you to our parent community for the continued support throughout this year. As a school we have felt the parent-school partnership has been vital to student success this year and we are very appreciative of the support which our community has offered us. We have listened to feedback from all key stakeholders and adapted throughout the year to better meet the needs of students. We have felt incredibly supported along the way by parents and for that, we are very grateful.

Although there have been some limitations to some activities which students can be involved in, it has still been a busy few weeks with lots taking place for students. Here is a recap of what has been taking place in the Primary Division.

2020 Through My Eyes

You may have heard your child mention 2020 Through My Eyes which is a reflection about this year through the eyes of the students, led by Ms Jean. Students were asked to represent their perspective of what 2020 was like for them. It was amazing to see how introspective students were about the world around them. Through the reflections, it was evident students were able to identify both the things they didn’t like about this year, and the positives they could take away. These reflections came in many different forms including books, menus, poems, pictures, memes, dioramas, videos, photographs, slides and much more. To share perspectives on 2020 together with our students has been an insightful process.

Year 6 Celebration

The Year 6 Celebration to mark the end of Primary years for Year 6 students was a fantastic success with the last minute adjustment of reverting to an online event for parents. Whilst it was disappointing not to have parents on campus, we were very appreciative of parents understanding of this decision. We were able to live stream this event instead, which went very well and we have received some wonderful feedback from parents. The students spoke beautifully, the videos were heart warming and we managed to get a photo of every student with their certificate which will be shared with Year 6 parents. The students are very happy and looking forward to their last few days of Primary.

A special congratulations to Jasper Palfrey for winning the Margret Merrell Award.

Orientation Years 3-6

On Wednesday, our students from Years 3-6 had orientation in their new year level for 2021. This was an opportunity for them to visit classrooms of the year above them, participate in some fun activities and ask questions.  Students became excited talking about next year and are now very much looking forward to going up a year in 2021. The Year 6 students also had the Day in Year 7 and they came back buzzing with excitement about what life will be like next year. Unfortunately, at this stage, our Reception – Year 2 students will not have the opportunity for orientation, however, their teachers are beginning to talk to them about next year and what they can begin to get excited about.


We have successfully managed to go ahead with Years 3 and 4 camps this term. Despite the social distancing and mask-wearing rules, students have managed to adapt and to have a fantastic time. For so many students, this will be the highlight of their year. Next week, we have our final camp for the year with Year 5 going to Pui O Beach from Monday 30 November – Wednesday 2 December.

With only a week and half of school left, we are looking forward to finishing the school year in a positive way.





Brendan Kean |
Head of Primary