Year 6 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 4

What a wonderful first few weeks of Term 4 Year 6 have had! We have been incredibly busy deep diving into our History unit around the concept of Federation where we have learnt about the Tenterfield Oration and the joining of the six Colonies into a Federated country, Australia. In English, students have been expanding their understanding of writing to inform by learning about biographies, deconstructing the structure and understanding the language devices that authors use to share information about a person’s life. Research is well and truly underway and the students are using their research booklet to practise their note taking and summarising skills.

In Mathematics, our investigation titled ‘Weird and Wonderful Weather’ has begun as students have been looking at line, side by side bar and segmented bar graphs, positive and negative numbers as well as the way statistics can be used to sway someone’s opinion through bias or misleading graphs. 

Public Speaking

In Week 3, all students in Year Six completed a speech on ‘Three reasons why my chosen Australian Person is significant’. These speeches were fantastic and really showed off the student’s ability to project, use eye contact and intonation to engage their audience. Across the grade, our students are starting to develop a much deeper understanding of their chosen Australian and we look forward to seeing the rest of their research in the Australian Stories Exhibition in Week 9. More information will continue to come your way. 

Australian Stories

On Friday, the Eucalypt House Captains did a wonderful job in leading the Year Six assembly. 

During this time, the Year Six Teachers presented the Australian Stories project through the website which contains all of the requirements of the project and informed them of their mentor teacher. The mentors are teachers within the school from all departments such as the Executive, Senior, Primary, Early Childhood teachers as well as Administration and Support staff. Each student will meet with their mentors at least twice before the end of the project to offer specific support for their chosen area of interest. This mentorship is a great opportunity for the students to work with a member of AISHK staff outside of Year 6. This opportunity will provide invaluable support to the students.

In Year 6, we are thoroughly enjoying learning about the contributions of significant Australians, some of whom are lesser known. A vast collection of exhibitions on a wide array of people such as: Dame Nellie Melba, David Unaipon, David Warren, John Flynn, Mary Reiby, Torliev Hytten, John Inverity, Vincent Lingarri…. The list is fascinating! Our school community is certainly in for a treat. 

This year, the Australian Stories exhibition is going to be completely online and we know that you will be incredibly impressed by not only the research, writing, innovation and creativity of our students but also some very exceptional Information Computer Technology skills. We encourage you to speak to your child and see what they are up to in their preparation and discuss what they have been learning about their significant Australian. 

Chinese Week – Friday 23rd September

We are happy to announce that we will be celebrating our ‘Chinese Day’ on Friday 23 October. This will be a low key event but importantly acknowledging the value of Chinese language and culture at AISHK. We are encouraging students to dress up in Chinese traditional dress. The students will be involved in a range of activities for the day.


Thank you for sending in a baby photo of your child for the ‘Then and Now’ videos for the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony on Thursday 26th of November. A gentle reminder that these are needed by Friday 30th October. Please see the link here to upload your photos. If you have any questions please contact your child’s classroom teacher. 

Graduations Shirts

The Graduation T-Shirts are well and truly underway, featuring two logos designed by our talented Year 6 students. They look fantastic! The students will have them in time for our end of year celebratory events. A massive thank you must go to our Parent Representatives for helping us to organise this. 

Year 6 Graduation Ceremony and celebrations

The Graduation celebrations  are scheduled for Thursday the 26th of November. This year, we have all experienced that the situation may change quickly so we are making arrangements for various scenarios such as the event being online or on campus. As we come closer to the date, we will be able to make final decisions based on the most updated government regulations. Of course, we will keep you informed. 

Year 6 Activity Days

We are also very much planning the alternative outings to replace the cancelled Beijing Cultural Excursion. These days are planned to take place in the week  following the Graduation Ceremony. Please do understand that conditions do change very quickly and in the interest of student safety and government regulations, there may be changes to dates and also what we will be able to do. We will be sure to keep you informed as soon as we are able to make concrete arrangements. Please do not hesitate to contact your classroom teacher if you have any questions.