Year 5 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 6

We have been examining and growing an appreciation for different forms of poetry. We have been reading poems that are humorous and entertaining. We have looked at various language features (alliteration, repetition, simile, rhythm, onomatopoeia, etc.) and performance features (gestures, expression, tone, pace, etc.) that have been used to engage and entertain the reader. Soon students will be choosing a poem that they will rehearse and then perform to the class. Ask your child about which is their favourite Michael Rosen poem and why? Click here to discover some of his poetry.

Students have been learning about addition and subtraction with decimals and money, financial plans and records, 24-hour time and reading timetables. These topics will help students create a budget for their Finals Fever investigation. Students have started looking at flights and accommodation for a sporting grand final of their choice, anywhere in the world. Ask your child about what flight they have found and why they have chosen a particular route?

Students have been looking at the influence of people on the environmental characteristics of places in North America. We have been mapping the major countries, the states of the United States and the major natural features of North America. Soon we will start to compare the location of these major countries in relation to Australia and Hong Kong. Ask your child about some of the natural features of North America.

Leadership Positions for 2021
The deadline for the application form was today and we have received many worthy candidates. The next step students are to start rehearsing a short ‘Chat to camera’ video that will be shown to staff and students. Students will create the video at school with the support of teachers but will need to do some preparation at home.

Please see below for the timeline set out for applications and voting.

Week 7 – Thursday 5th November. ‘Chat’ video made at school.

Week 8 – Voting process begins. Videos shown to students and staff for voting.

Week 9 – Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl and House Captains announced.

Year 5 Leadership Seminar
Chinese Day

Have a wonderful weekend.

Year 5 Team

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