Year 3 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 6

Welcome to to our latest Year Three newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading about what we have been learning in Year 3. 

Year 3 has continued exploring Morris Gleitzman’s book ‘Misery Guts’. In particular, students have begun to discover how words create images and impact the reader. Students have been adding to their reader’s notebooks which are books that contain their connections to Misery Guts, thoughts about what is happening, interesting language they spot and any questions they are wondering after reading.

 How can you support this at home?

Ask your child about their reader’s notebook

Ask your child about interesting words they have found in the book Misery Guts

Time has continued to be an important part of Year 3 Mathematics this fortnight. Some students took on the challenge of becoming a human stop watch and trying to figure out how long one minute is! Moving on from telling the time to the minute, students are exploring how we can break something into equal parts and words to describe those parts. Students will be representing different fractions using paper, things from the classroom, numbers and words.  

How can you support this at home?

Ask your child to tell you what time it is. Encourage them to look at exactly how many minutes have past the hour or how many minutes until the next hour.

Year 3 students have been touring Australia! They have discovered the wide range of climate zones and researched some things to do in different parts of the country. The students are building a great bank of suggested activities for tourists visiting Australia.

 How can you support this at home?

– Enjoy these videos of Australia with your child and discuss what places you would put on the itinerary if it was your holiday: Australia in colours!  

One week closer, 3 weeks to go! The school Primary Office has sent out information about registering your child for camp. Please note there are 2 places you will need to register; the school information about pick up and drop off and the Dragonfly registration for camp activities. Please refer to the email sent on Wednesday 28 October from the Primary Office for these details.

Year 3 will start their swimming lessons next week (week 7). Please refer to the information sent from each class for days and reminders about swimming. Most importantly, if your child is nervous about swimming, please reassure them that these lessons are fun and the teachers will be at the pool with them during their lessons.

Important Dates

Week 9| Wed 18 – Fri 21 September – Year 3 camp (day trips)
Week 12 | Tues 8 December – Last day of term