Reception Newsletter | Term 4 Week 6

Hello Reception Parents.

We have had a busy few weeks in Reception. We are independently coming into the classroom and exploring the activities both inside and outside. We are starting to gravitate towards learning experiences that hold strong interest for us and enjoy trying all the new activities that are set out each week.

Reception is when we begin making friends and start to build relationships with our peers. Developing friendships is important during your child’s early years as this is the time when they learn to ‘give and take’ in a relationship. By sharing learning experiences, interacting with one another and discussing our feelings, we learn how to meet the social needs of other people and our own. It is in Reception that we start to learn to share, take turns, and include others in our learning space. This is a major focus over the next few weeks as we navigate through our time together.

Our Learning

Chinese Celebrations

We celebrated our Chinese culture and learned about some different aspects of its richness and diversity. We made some delicious dumplings and moon cakes out of playdough. We enjoyed squeezing the playdough into the mooncake moulds and placing them in containers to share. We practised our scissor skills to cut long strips for our Chinese lanterns and had great fun squeezing the sparkly glue to make them shine when waving them around. We read some Chinese stories and really liked ‘The Pet Dragon’. The book showed some Chinese characters which we attempted to remember and write. It was lovely to see everyone dressed in traditional clothes!

Focused Learning

We have been exploring our classroom and have enjoyed building in the block area with mobilo and wooden blocks. We have made car tracks and bridges, vacuum cleaners and cars. The block area is a great space for creating and building. As well as the block area we have the building area outside our classroom where we like to measure with the tape measure and record numbers on the clipboard. We use hammers and saws to cut our wooden pieces, using the screwdriver to fix it together. Both spaces are busy places where we also learn to share and work together.

Over the last few weeks we have been using our senses to explore sand, water, playdough and foam. These activities are great for helping us make connections between what we see and touch, and provide sensory information to strengthen our cognitive skills. We very much liked the kinetic sand, exploring the way it felt and moved. We used spoons and cups to make balls, houses, ice cream scoops and cakes. We had small bottles of water that we transferred into cups using various eye droppers, funnels and spoons. We had to concentrate and carefully transfer the water trying not to spill any. At the foam table we used cutters, rollers and scissors to manipulate and create scenes.

This week we have been preparing for our Pumpkin Party which is very exciting! We have written on our poster and discussed what we would need to do to prepare for the big day. We have been busy painting pumpkins using different painting methods such as cotton bud painting and string painting. We have also been tracing pumpkins using the light table and looking at real pumpkins to observe the different colours, textures, sizes and shapes. We are looking forward to going on a candy hunt and making pumpkin hats!

What Next?

We will be having our Pumpkin Party today Friday 30 October, we will be posting some photos on Seesaw.

Over the next few weeks we will be looking at changes – changes in the season, changes with how we feel, changes in the environment.


A gentle reminder to fill in your child’s temperature form before coming to school.