Prep Newsletter | Term 4 Week 6

Such a wonderful fortnight of learning we have had in Prep. On a daily basis, the students are displaying their skills and strategies in learning. Last Friday’s Chinese Day was a day filled with colour and excitement. It was lovely to see so many students get involved and dressed in traditional clothing. It was also fun to make and learn new things in the Chinese Classes.


We have continued to learn new concepts and review strategies through problem solving this term. The students are extending their use of the ‘Friends of Ten’ strategy to include higher numbers in multiples of ten. They have also been introduced to number bonds as a strategy to complete addition to 10 and beyond. We have challenged their understanding of these strategies to also introduce the concept of subtraction. 


So far this term we have learnt the phonemes ‘sh’, ‘th’, ‘ch’ and ‘wh’. We have been practising reading and writing these phonemes in words. We have paused to revise the sounds this week and will continue with our new unit of ‘Sounds’ starting next week. During our literature program we have continued to look at ‘Fairytales and Narrative’ texts. A strong understanding of the structure of a text – beginning, middle and end, problem and solution is being developed. Students continue to analyse these parts of the text to understand how to write their own narrative text, including the knowledge that characters and settings are very important to the story. 

Speaking and Listening

Our Speaking and Listening focus for Term 4 has continued with the students identifying favourite places and why these places are special to them. Last week we also spoke about favourite literature and the students presented their favourite books and gave descriptions of characters. Next week students have been asked to make a collage to show a particular setting from a book and then explain it to the class. Please help your child to prepare for this presentation. 


In Geography we have continued to look at places which are special and/or important. We are extending this to understand that our community is filled with places for different reasons. These places can be important or special to certain people. We will be reinforcing our learning about spaces by referencing the students’ own homes and then moving on to the school environment. 

A REMINDER: Can we please ask that parents help children take 3 photos of their home (e.g. bedroom, lounge, dining, play room) for an upcoming activity. Please print them off or send them directly to teachers via email. 

Social and Emotional Development

The first years of school can be challenging for our little people as they are developing independence and social/emotional skills in the new school setting. They are navigating the world of new friendships, sharing and turn taking with others. This year has been especially difficult for our Prep students who have spent so much of the year isolated from same aged peers. We understand this is challenging and we are supporting the students with skills to be ‘good friends’. 

Our focus for the playground is:

  • Be kind
  • Gentle hands
  • Use your words
  • Include others
  • Respect the equipment

We have also spoken about strategies to deal with situations they do not like that may happen during day to day play. We are encouraging three steps to deal with these situations.

  • Step 1: Tell the person to stop (they may not realise they are doing something you do not like)
  • Step 2: Move away from a situation you do not like
  • Step 3 : If you still need help, ask the teacher on duty

Ms McPherson met with all of Prep last Friday and discussed how they are feeling about the different year that 2020 has been. She encouraged them to talk about their feelings and use drawings or words to document this ‘first of its kind’ year we have had.

In Health we have continued to look at feelings and are now recognising the special traits that make each student special and unique.


The Prep students have learnt so many classroom and school routines and are doing a fabulous job of following these. To assist this process to run smoothly, can you please continue to:

  • Make sure all items of clothing, lunch boxes and drink bottles are labelled with your child’s name
  • Ensure your child understands which foods are for snack or lunch
  • Show them how to open and close food containers 
  • Check and record daily temperature 

Kind regards,

Prep Team Teachers