[Head of Primary] Week 5 Update

It has been wonderful to have 5 (almost) uninterrupted weeks at school with the students this term. Students are still very excited about coming to school each day and we hope the routines of getting up earlier, packing school bags and putting on a uniform are getting easier for everybody. Although, we cannot have parents in the school at the moment, we are aiming to keep you informed through the year level fortnightly newsletters and Seesaw updates throughout the rest of the year. We do look forward to welcoming parents back on to campus in the future.

End of Semester Reports
Teachers have begun work on the end-of-semester reports for Primary students. Reports at the end of the Semester 1 this year were modified due to online learning with a greater focus on the narrative written by the class teacher. For Semester 2, parents will still be provided with a narrative from the teacher on their child’s development along with our standard tick boxes for core skills and contents against the 5-point standard (Experiencing Difficulties, Developing, Satisfactory, Very Good or Excellent) for the English, Mathematics, Chinese, Science and Geography/History. Personal and Social Development will be rated against a Rarely, Usually or Consistently. For the other Key Learning Areas, a narrative comment will be provided by the specialist teacher. End of semester reports will be available to parents via the Parent Lounge from Friday 11 December.

Chinese Day
We have had a great day for Chinese Day today, with the school full of colour as students and teachers dressed up in their traditional Chinese dress. Some of the highlights of the day included creative activities, such as lantern making, painting and more. Please click here to read a recap of the day from Head of Chinese Primary, Joy Chung.

School Camps – Years 3 – 5
We are excited to be able to run school camps this term for Years 3-5 after having postponed the camps twice this year. With the current restrictions in place, students will still have the opportunity to participate in camp activities, however, this will be a modified day camp. Students will be bussed in and out of the camp each day, and will not stay overnight. Given the circumstances at the moment, we are very excited that students will have the opportunity to participate in camps this year.

We will begin swimming for Years 3-6  in the next week which students are very excited to be participating in. We have been working hard to put in appropriate measures for the students to swim safely. Unfortunately, with to only a few weeks left for the school year, we will not have enough time for Prep – Year 2 to use the pool this term as some Secondary year levels will also be using the pool. We will ensure Prep – Year 2 students will be given the opportunity in the pool as a priority for next year.

Year 5 Leadership Day
Year 5 students participated in a leadership day in preparation for being the leaders of the primary school next year. They had a fantastic day with Mr Hemphill speaking to students about leadership, a range of leadership activities and to finish off, a group activity in their Houses with the Primary House Patrons. Year 5 students will now have the opportunity to apply for the leadership positions of Head and Deputy Head Boy/Girl and House Captains which will be announced before the end of term. How to apply details have been sent through to Year 5 parents and students have been informed.

We wish everyone a wonderful long weekend and hope that you get to spend some together as a family.





Brendan Kean |
Head of Primary