[Head of Secondary] End of Term Message


Well done students, teachers and parents for completing a demanding term of online learning.

The Secondary students had yesterday as a work and assignment catch-up day, which I’m sure was fruitful for them. Now with the term break ahead, it is a chance to rest, change pace and activities and be able to enjoy some social and family shared time. I do hope you are able to get out and about somewhat more, to enjoy a change of routine.

The demands of the long online learning program are not always immediately visible, and we certainly miss the intuitive and responsive nature of our face-to-face classroom experience, which we’ll recommence soon.

For Secondary students, online classes start Tuesday 22 September and then the Year 10 and 11 students start on campus from Wednesday 23 September, Day 3 of the timetable cycle; Years 7, 8, 9 later return to campus on Tuesday 29 September, Day 7 of the timetable cycle.

Students will wear school uniform from the outset and PE uniform will be worn on days when there is a practical PDHPE class scheduled in the gym. This will reduce the use of the change rooms and fulfill hygiene requirements.

We have good plans in place to run the learning and student activities throughout Term 4 and we will provide a rundown of those in the next, Term 4, Dhanara message.

Thank you for the excellent support through this term and enjoy the vacation break.

Howard West | Head of Secondary