Careers Corner: Important Updates

Term 4 is a busy one for Careers & University Guidance at AISHK. We have a range of opportunities designed for students in Years 10 to 12 to take advantage of, in order to equip themselves for life in the increasingly uncertain but still very exciting worlds of work and higher education.

Year 12

Freshly-equipped with their Trial Examination results, our Year 12 students are only a few weeks away from sitting their HSC or IB Diploma examinations. They should be using this time to finalise their university applications and consulting with the Careers Advisors, making sure that they have applied for a range of courses which caters for different eventualities in their final academic results.

The main application deadlines are below, and we would like to remind students to talk with their Careers Advisor at any time about their applications, as well as remembering that the school needs two working weeks’ notice to prepare transcripts, references and any other application support materials. Anything that will be required during the Christmas holidays should be requested by Wednesday 25th November 2020.

UAC – Early bird Applications close tomorrow on Wed 30th September and the 1 November offer round deadline is 22nd October 2020

VTAC – January offer round deadline is 4th December 2020 (some courses have earlier deadlines)

QTAC – January offer round deadline is 11th December 2020 (some courses have earlier deadlines)

UCAS for UK applications – deadline is 15th October 2020 for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine and Dentistry applications; 15th January 2021 for all other applications.

Hong Kong universities – deadlines vary – please check with individual institutions

New Zealand universities – deadlines vary – please check with individual institutions

USA – deadlines vary – please check with individual institutions

Year 11

With their examinations around the corner, Year 11 are now being asked to focus on doing some research and reflection on their post-school pathways. They are being introduced to far too many acronyms like ATAR, VTAC, UAC and UCAS, but the main focus this semester has been to explore and discover what options are available for them. This has been done during Well Being and Home Room lessons, and students are encouraged to follow-up their research by having conversations with their Careers Advisor, teachers and parents.

Formal Careers Interviews will be conducted for all Year 11 students in late October and early November, once Year 11 examination results are received. These interviews will give students the opportunity to discuss their plans, ideas and possible future pathways as they move forward towards the challenge of Year 12 studies. Parents will receive an email update from one of the Careers Advisors and this conversation will be continued more formally in Term 2 of Year 12 with parents and students attending a post-school planning interview. 

Year 12

The cancellation of the 2020 Work Experience program due to Covid-19 has presented us with a fantastic opportunity to equip Year 10 students with the skills they will need in the future when applying for jobs in the workplace. We are pleased to be launching a new JOBSIM 2020 program which will give students a chance to:

  • research real world job opportunities, 
  • develop notional CVs and letters of application, 
  • take part in a group interview situation,
  • receive bespoke individualised feedback on their ‘application’ and performance.

Students will be ‘applying for jobs’ and teachers will be reviewing the letters of application, CVs and performance at a group interview. Afterwards, students will receive individualised feedback on their performance and one student in each group will be lucky enough to ‘get the job.’ 

This exciting new program will launch over the next few weeks and culminate towards the end of term with a JOBSIM celebration and prize-giving.

Finally, as we are now a team of two Careers Advisors, we will be reallocating students currently in Years 9 to 11 a personal Careers Advisor in January 2021. For the remainder of 2020, feel free to contact either one of us if you have any questions regarding your son or daughter’s future pathways.

Careers Education Team



Ian Pomeroy | Careers Advisor, English & French Teacher, Secondary





Anthony Murphy | Careers Advisor, Head of Year 12