AISHK 25th Anniversary Throwback: The School Then and Now

School photo 1995

AISHK today continues to flourish as a leading international school in Hong Kong, welcoming approximately 1,100 students from over 25 different nationalities. Its quality, all-rounded education provides a learning environment where students can achieve academic, sport and arts excellence, as well as experience a wide range of extra-curricular activities and experiential learning programs which aim to develop students into globally-minded citizens.

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we reflect on what has helped shaped who we are today. It’s the collaborative community spirit driven by the students, parents, staff, Board, alumni and our many supporters including sporting stars, authors, musicians and parliamentarians. It’s our unique Australian identity which incorporates Australian culture and values with the rich culture of our international setting in Hong Kong. It’s our belief in providing a global education where students are provided opportunities to be culturally sensitive, resilient yet respectful of others, kind and empathetic, humble and committed to serving and making a difference. 

At the core of our story, it’s been the dedicated and visionary people, the outstanding achievements of individuals and the school, as well as the memorable celebrations and community events that have made AISHK a vibrant and nurturing place for learning, play and connection since 1995.

School photo 2019