Coding Virtual Reality Creations with CoSpaces

After exploring a range of cybersafety and digital wellbeing topics in Semester 1, Year 6 students began experimenting with CoSpaces. CoSpaces is a mixed reality application that allows students to design and code VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) creations. Students were asked to create an interactive game that involves the player to successfully move through an obstacle course (parkour). Obstacles may include moving platforms, rotating cars and even lava ground! They learnt how to design, build and code interactive and engaging virtual environments that can entertain, inform and/or persuade their audience.

While building their own parkour game, they had to:

  1. Think critically to find solutions to problems, such as when debugging their code.
  2. Think creatively to develop an engaging and interactive game.
  3. Develop their digital literacy skills.

Check out some of their creations here:

NB: For an optimal experience, you should play the parkour game on a desktop/laptop computer where you can control the player using the spacebar and arrow keys. However, the game can also be viewed on AR supported devices, such as smartphones or tablets as long as you have the CoSpaces Edu mobile app downloaded onto your device.

Below are some comments about the students’ experience working on the project.

“It was really fun being able to experiment with different things and test if it works and figure out what is wrong and fix bugs.”

“I found using multiple strings and variables challenging because it was a new concept that I hadn’t explored before.”

“What was challenging for me was the coding part. What was easy for me was putting the blocks down and making the course. Apart from coding, what I enjoyed was being creative. I could do what I wanted to do.”

“It was challenging when the codes weren’t working even though it was correct – just a very minor thing was wrong. It was easy to do most of the coding because we had learnt it before in past lessons. It was enjoyable how we created a fun parkour game which you can can play and even fail. It was also enjoyable when my friends needed my help with coding because I like to help people.”

“What was challenging with CoSpaces was putting in the code because sometimes you could skip or miss some sort of vital code which could put bugs in your game. What was easy was building the terrain, such as the landscapes, objects, or writing in the textboxes. What was most enjoyable was trying out other peoples CoSpaces projects because some of them were really fun and difficult to win.”

“I think that there was definitely some teamwork aspects involved in terms of how other people and our peers would help us if we were stuck.”

Celestine Yeung | Digital Literacies Specialist