Term 3 Peer Support: Session 3 “My Strengths”

Our third Peer Support Session continued on with our theme of optimism. This week, Celebrity Heads was played, discussions were held, stories were read and of course we all had a dance! As the 30 minute session flew by, it was evident that connections are certainly being made between our Prep to Year 6 students. The smiles which lit up the screens really spoke volumes!

The focus for this week was ‘My Strengths’ and students were given the opportunity to identify their very own. Children explored the important strengths of curiosity, kindness and teamwork. Our Year 6 Peer Support Leaders led activities where children recognised which strengths they possess and how important it is to use their strengths in different situations. We do encourage you to ask your child about their strengths and discuss what happened this week in Peer Support. 

Next week, will be the final week of our Peer Support Online Program. Congratulations must go to the Year 6 students, you are all doing a fantastic job! A few words from some of our Peer Support Leaders: 

Peer Support these past three weeks have been the best. I have had so much fun teaching and playing with my Peer Support buddy and it went well with our current situation. Shannon Murphy 6S

I really enjoyed Peer Support because it felt very calm and happy as we were going through the slides. Everybody was working together to help generate a better understanding. Connor Forsyth 6L

One of the kids in my group sent me a private message to say that Peer Support was her favorite lesson. Bridie Benfield 6S

Something that went well in Peer Support lessons was that I was nervous at the start but then one girl was really engaged and kept on answering the questions. She made me more comfortable asking more people more questions. Cai McGunnigle 6S

I think this was definitely the best Peer Support session. We planned out our whole lesson really well. Nothing went wrong and I felt the most confident in this lesson.  James Stewart 6L

Lynda Lemmon | Peer Support Team Member, Head of Year 6