Term 3 Peer Support: Session 2

This week, our Peer Support Leaders Zoomed in to lead their second Peer Support session. Indeed it is fast becoming a highlight to the week and a much anticipated afternoon where students from all year levels enjoy each other’s company whilst playing charades, sharing stories, completing activities, dancing and talking about optimism! 

This week, the students focused on ‘What makes us happy’.

Students shared with each other the things that they enjoy in life and had an opportunity to discuss their favourite activity. In short, the session focused on the question, ‘What makes you happy?’  We do encourage you to discuss what happened this week in  Peer Support with your child as it will help to reinforce the concepts learned in each session.

A few words from our Peer Support Leaders:

I think that Peer Support has been going really well. I was new this year and I wasn’t too sure or comfortable on what Peer Support was, however,  now that I have started, it is my excitement of the week! Grace Labans, 6L 

In my opinion peer support is a really fun activity, it lets older students learn how to cooperate with younger prep students. This program is great training for the older student leadership skills. Jenna Xu, 6A 

It was better as we got more people to talk by calling out their name. We were also having fun when playing the charades and then doing the puzzle. Ailsa Kant, 6K

My second experience during peer support was much better than before because everyone was interacting, and me and my partner were feeling much more confident. Jayden Lo, 6K 

 I really enjoyed my Peer support lesson because everyone was so engaged and everyone looked like they were having fun. Overall I rate it a 10/10 🙂 Chloe Yule, 6K

The second Peer Support session was by far, much better than the previous. Not only was my wifi better, but there was an increase in cooperation and enthusiasm. Also, I knew a little bit more about the younger kids in my group, so it was much easier to talk to them then the random people I once knew them as. Jack Barton, 6A




Lynda Lemmon | Peer Support Team Member, Head of Year 6