Term 3 Peer Support: Session 1

Peer Support has certainly arrived! This week, students from Prep to Year 6 attended their very first Peer Support group on Zoom! Smiles were had, laughs shared, stories told, games played and there certainly was a new buzz in the air. 

This very special event is indeed an integral part of our wellbeing program as well as a rite of passage for our Year 6 students who have been training hard all throughout Term 2 to become Peer Support Leaders. Of course, some modifications have had to be made from previous years and structures to best support the students as we transfer the program to be online. 

Yesterday, our Peer Support Leaders certainly have made a strong start! 

This year, the theme is optimism. Our first session enabled the children to get to know everyone in the group, agreeing on how they will work well together and interact cooperatively with others. They will also begin to think about what it means to be optimistic. We encourage you to talk to your children about Peer Support every week, as it will help to reinforce the concepts learned in each session.

A few words from one of our Peer Support Leaders:

The first Peer Support session was both nerve wracking and exciting! I had great help from my co-leaders and from the teacher. I was so grateful for the children I have in my Peer support group, some extremely energetic and some quite shy but they were all great kids.

Lucas Woodyward, Year 6L 

We certainly are all excited about our next session in Week 4!

Lynda Lemmon | Peer Support Team Member, Head of Year 6