Primary PE Update | Morning Movers and Virtual Gym

Morning Movers

This week has seen the students in Early Childhood begin voluntary Morning Movers sessions!

Held from 8:25am – 8:50am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings the focus of these sessions is to help students start their day with some physical activity and to help burn through some energy, in order to get ready to focus and make the most of their morning classes. Many families have been playing the Morning Movers games and taking part in the fun activities together. It has been great to see well over 100 students taking part!

Activities include games such as Dungeon Runner, Ship to Shore as well as some dynamic workout-style moves. There have even been some games created by the PDHPE department themselves.

Sessions will be continuing throughout this term on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. All are welcome to join in and take part if they would like to!

4th Floor Virtual Gym

The 4th floor virtual gym has been set up by Ms Spencer and Mr Wookey as a place students can gain access to a variety of physical activity opportunities as well as some fun games to play.

These activities are by no means compulsory, but will hopefully help energetic students to manage their time at home a little bit better. Many activities can be completed without equipment, however, some activities might need a few around-the-house objects or some items that are easy to find at the shops.

The virtual gym also has access to a Beat The Teacher section, where some of our staff have shared themselves playing some of the games, so that students can try and beat their teachers after practicing the games at home! There is also an opportunity for students who want to share their awesome efforts with us via FlipGrid, but this is certainly not compulsory. Some areas of the gym are still under construction for the next week or so, however, there should be more than enough for students to get started with.

We hope the students enjoy these initiatives as we certainly enjoy creating ways for students to connect, engage and stay active online.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email the PE team directly.

Andrew Wookey | HPE Teacher






Joanne Spencer Primary PE Teacher