Primary Music Recitals

The Performing Arts Department is pleased to confirm that Primary Music Recitals will take place this year, online. We are delighted to give our students an opportunity to share their talents with us through video.

Who Can Submit a Video?

Any AISHK Primary student who normally receives instrumental or vocal lessons either through our school instrumental programme or from an outside teacher is welcome to submit a video.

Video Submission Instructions:

  1. Please select a piece with your child which is a maximum of 2 minutes in duration. Any pieces which exceed this limit may be faded before the ending. Students must be able to play their chosen piece fluently from beginning to end.
  2. The quality of the performance and overall presentation will be considered for selection, therefore, please check that the video and sound is clear before submitting. If video quality requires improvement, we may have to request you to re-film.
  3. Whilst the school is unable to provide an accompaniment, students have the option of playing with an accompaniment if they wish, performed by your child’s music teacher/tutor, other competent musician or you may use a backing track.
  4. When filming your child, use of a phone, digital camera or laptop should be suitable. Students should dress smartly or they may wear their school uniform. Videos should include the full body of the performer, be filmed in a communal area of the home (and not in a bedroom, if possible) and feature only the performer and their instrument or voice. Kindly avoid background noise which affect audio quality (e.g. people talking, pets or appliances such as air conditioners).
  5. At the beginning of the video please ask the performer to state their name, homeroom class and the piece they will perform. For example: “My name is Peter Smith. I am in 5P and I will be performing ‘The Entertainer’ by Scott Joplin.”
  6. Parents, please submit the completed video in the relevant year group subfolder via the link which will be emailed to you on Monday 17 August. Submissions must be made by the extended date of Monday 31 August at the latest. Please label your video filename with the student’s name and class. For example: Peter Smith 5P”. Late submissions will risk not being accepted for publication.

We look forward to receiving the Primary Recital video performances. Should you have any queries, please contact the Performing Arts Department (

With best wishes,





Peter Stapleton | Head of Performing Arts