Book Week Update

This term, we will be celebrating Book Week in Week 7 (31 August – 4 September). The theme this year is Curious Creatures, Wild Minds aims to invoke thoughts of nature, jungles, sea creatures, dinosaurs, imaginary and mythological animals, adventurers, explorers, scientists and much more! Book Week will take place either online or at school if students are back on campus by Week 7.

The following are some of the ways we are planning to celebrate at AISHK:

Virtual Book Parade (Reception-Year 6)
With the current restrictions in place, we are planning to hold a virtual book parade this year. Your child may like to dress up as a book character or as something related to the theme. Please don’t feel you need to go out and buy elaborate costumes. Your child can dress as any book character using clothes/props from home or perhaps they may like to create something to show their curious, wild mind.

To make this possible, we ask that you record a 2 second video OR take a photograph of your child in costume displaying the characteristics of their character/the theme. For example, Alice in Wonderland looking for the white rabbit or Billy from ‘Billy was a dog’ acting like a dog.

Filming with a phone, digital camera or laptop should be suitable. Ideally, the video/photograph must include the full body (to show off the costume) and it is preferred if filming can take place in a communal area of the home (preferably not in bedrooms).

Please name the video/photograph with the student’s name and class and copy into the relevant year group subfolder in the email sent to Primary parents today.

Please note: Your child’s video/photograph will be shared with the community as part of the virtual parade. By submitting a video/photograph, you are giving us permission to share with the community.

Please submit by Friday 21 August to allow time for collation.

Nano Story Writing  (Years 3-12)
As part of the Book Week celebrations across both the Primary and Secondary divisions, students will participate in an exciting writing initiative at school, the composition of a nano story; a nano story is a story of exactly 50 words.

In honour of this year’s Book Week theme, all stories must include the word curious (or a derivative of that word). Class teachers (Years 3-6) will introduce the nano story to the students and support their writing. Students will be given the opportunity to share their nano story on Padlet, an online platform.  Please note, sharing the stories with others will be optional. Class teachers will provide Padlet details in the coming weeks. The Padlet will be shared and celebrated with the School community during Book Week.

Create a Curious Creature (Reception-Year 3)
Students will have the opportunity to create their own Curious Creature.  More details to come soon!

Book Trailer Competition  (Years 3-9)
The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) are running a Book Trailer competition for Years 3-9 for NSW students and we are pleased to let you know that students from AISHK are now invited to participate!  The students in Years 3-6 have been introduced to the competition during library lessons this week and it has been great to see many students showing interest. For book suggestions, please use the link provided in the email sent to Primary parents today.

Students who wish to enter will need to complete the Book Trailer at home in their own time. For further details about the competition including how to enter, please click on the link: Once completed, if you would like the chance to have your book trailer shown during Book Week, please save a copy in the link sent to Primary parents today.

Please note, that these activities are optional and students may choose which ones they wish to participate in. Students will also participate in a range of activities during Book Week in both their library and homeroom lessons. We are very much looking forward to celebrating Book Week this year and will be in contact again closer to the event to share with you further details.

 Should you have any queries in regard to this email please contact

Nicole Atkins | Primary Teacher Librarian