Admissions | AISHK Welcomes 64 New Students

AISHK is pleased to warmly welcome 64 new students to our school from the start of Term 3.

Of these students, 44 are in Primary, and 20 are in Secondary.

The AISHK Parent Association and Year Level Parent Representatives have already done a stellar job of connecting with our new families, and connecting them with each other. If you know of any new students or families at AISHK this term, we are sure you will join us in making them all feel very welcome!

The students who have joined us, and their families, reflect the diversity which is characteristic of the AISHK community, with regards to both their cultural backgrounds and their stories of how they have come to join us.

We have two families who are new to both AISHK and Hong Kong – joining us from Vietnam and UK.

Families who have joined us from within Hong Kong and from other schools in Hong Kong include those from Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, UK, USA and Vietnam.

We are also seeing a number of familiar faces, as we welcome returning students from USA, UK, Australia.

AISHK’s balanced learning environment for all students, and our offering of both the NSW HSC and IB in secondary, continue to be aspects of our school which are sought after by families all around the globe.

A very big welcome to all new and familiar faces of AISHK! We wish you a smooth transition to our school and into the term ahead.

Lynette Wong | Head of Admissions





Pauline Dear | Admissions Officer






Vivien Siu | Admissions Secretary