Cooking Up A Storm in Year 3 Science

Year 3 students and staff have enthusiastically started our online Science unit with an ‘old’ friend, Pierre.

Pierre is an apprentice chef to the world-famous Chef Luis. Pierre has been through chef school, however, he did not pay attention and as a result his knowledge about heat in the kitchen is ‘not so hot’. Throughout the unit, the Year 3 students will learn about heat transfer and how it influences changes in state between solid, liquid and gas.

Students will learn about the scientific method of observation, hypothesis, prediction, testing, concluding and reporting, relating to changes in state with water and other substances.

Chef Pierre has written to Year 3 in the first 2 weeks of Term 3, expressing his confusion about heat transfer, conductors and insulators. Students have conducted and watched experiments to help them advise Pierre on what he should do. A recent video of Chef Pierre shows him in a ‘famous’ Hong Kong restaurant kitchen, being berated for his lack of knowledge by the very strict Chef Luis.

There are some students who have noticed similarities between Pierre and certain members of the AISHK Executive. The Year 3 staff cannot see any resemblance, however, there has been some ‘heated debate’ on Level 9 at 3A Norfolk Road, as to who is the best chef.

Learning in this online environment has created some fantastic opportunities for linking curriculum learning to our everyday lives. Science concepts are everywhere and throughout the unit we hope students begin to see their homes and the world around them as one giant laboratory for safely observing, questioning and experimenting.

Chef Pierre will be appearing in more videos, because he has a lot to learn and, as the old saying goes, ‘If you can’t understand the heat get out of the kitchen’.


Andrew Bennett | Year 3 Teacher