[Head of Secondary] Term 2 Week 9 Update

Congratulations to all students on their attainments this term. The fact that they settled so well into classes and school-based routines, after such an extended period of working online, is testament to their resilience, determination and aptitude. Their school reports, published today, represent what the students have achieved under these unusual and varied circumstances.

There are large numbers of students today who received Merit Awards in our final assembly. These twice-yearly awards are based on the number of ‘A Grade’ effort ratings the students attain on their report and the important thing is, that a high effort achievement is attainable for all students. It is a significant indicator of a student’s success and is highly valued in this school, so our further congratulations to those students.

I wish the students and their families both a refreshing time and happy experiences during this four-week summer holiday period; and as we expect all will be staying in Hong Kong, there are still a great deal of stimulating things to do to enjoy the time with family and friends.

On our return to Term 3, students will wear their school uniform each day, with ties being optional. Considering the heat of summer and because of the continuing Friday activity program for Years 7-11, PE sports uniform will be worn each Friday during Term 3. PE uniform will be optional for Year 12 students.

Our Year 12 students have a significant, final term ahead of them which includes trial examinations from August 24, the senior formal on September 5 and the valedictory assembly on September 24. There will be many memories wrapped into those events as part of their preparation for completing Secondary school and we look forward to celebrating their achievements at the end of next term.

Wishing all the best of health and enjoyment for the holidays.

Howard West | Head of Secondary