Term 3 Uniform Reminder and Uniform Shop Opening Times

AISHK School Uniform in Term 3

Parents are kindly advised that students will be required to wear school uniform from the commencement of Term 3, Monday 20 July. To view our full Uniform Policy, please refer to our website.

Uniform Shop Opening Hours and Contact Details

The uniform shop is open to parents who need to fit their child for uniform items in preparation for Term 3.

Dates: Monday 15 June 2020 & Thursday 18 June 2020

By appointment only Рplease click here to make an appointment. Alternatively parents may order uniform items via the home order system. To view further details and full Uniform Policy, please refer to our website.

Should you have any questions in regard to purchasing uniform, please email Midas Ltd, our uniform provider at midasuniform@aishk.edu.hk