Star Cards at AISHK

Week 8 of Term 2 was STAR Card week at AISHK. The purpose of STAR Cards is to encourage all members of the AISHK community to openly express gratitude toward others through our school values: collaboration, responsibility, respect, honesty, trust, excellence, diligence, creativity, integrity and equity.

In Early Childhood and Primary classes, the STAR Cards were written by students in their classrooms. In Secondary, the SRC organised opportunities at recess and lunchtime for Year 7 to Year 12. Over 1000 STAR Cards were written from student to student, student to staff, staff to staff and staff to student.

While expressions of gratitude flowed to teaching and support staff, our Cleaners, Cafeteria and Security Staff did not go unnoticed by staff and students. Their extra cleaning, daily temperature taking and all-round massive effort to keep AISHK a safe environment in these unprecedented times was well recognised.

The STAR Cards were distributed schoolwide this week, spreading positive emotions at a time when it’s needed the most. Term 3 will bring further opportunities to express gratitude however, you don’t have to wait for STAR Card week, express your gratitude today!

Kiely Murphy | Director of Student Wellbeing, Careers Advisor