New Red and Black Rain Dismissal Procedure | AISHK Weather Policy Reminder

Dismissal in Red or Black Rainstorms

AISHK Parents and Carers are kindly advised of an update to our Red and Black Rainstorm procedures, should the signal be in force at the end of the school day. In the interests of student safety, the following procedures will apply if a RED or BLACK rain signal is raised at the end of the school day:

  • All Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) will be cancelled.
  • The bus service, Kwoon Chung Motors, will suspend their service whilst the RED and BLACK rain signal is in place and once it is lowered to AMBER, the students who have not been collected and normally travel on the bus service, will be transported home.
  • At the end of the school day, all students Preparatory to Year 12, will return to their Homeroom and will be supervised by their Homeroom teachers.
  • If it is RED rain, parents/helpers may collect students from their Homeroom. Students are not permitted to be dismissed unless they are picked up by an adult.
  • If it is a BLACK rain signal, no student will be dismissed. Government directives are that all persons should remain where they you are until the signal is lowered, so parents should not be travelling to collect their child.

Please note: Once BLACK is lowered to RED, the procedures for RED rain dismissal apply.

  • Once the rain signal has been lowered to AMBER, students may be dismissed and may travel home by their normal mode of transport.

AISHK Weather Procedures

As we near the rainy season in Hong Kong, which is prone to heavy rainstorm and typhoon warnings, we kindly remind you of our school’s weather procedures which can be found on the School website. These procedures are aligned with the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) and the Education Bureau (EDB) requirements for all schools in Hong Kong.

School Communication
In cases when weather-related announcements made by the EDB impact on school attendance, further communication will be sent by the school to all parents via email and the AISHK App. An alert may also be placed on the school website homepage. We encourage any parents who have not yet installed the AISHK App to do so in order to receive timely updates and alerts. For details and installation instructions please click here.

Emergency Student Release Form
For parents who have not yet completed the Emergency Student Release Form which was sent to families by email in January, please complete the form by clicking here and signing in with your AISHK family log-in details. If you have forgotten your AISHK family log-in details, please click here.

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