EDB Student Grant Subsidy

In regard to the Government of the HKSAR’s Student Grant Subsidy Scheme; during the return to school, AISHK distributed a hard copy of the application form to all families/students who have not returned a completed form for us to claim.

Note: this is not a compulsory scheme. We set our cut-off date to return these forms as 19 June to allow us time to verify and submit to the EDB. The EDB cut-off date is 30 June. Some families have already received their grant payment into their account. Others may still be waiting.

The EDB returned a number of  forms to us yesterday via email, which we have printed and sent home to you via your child. These will have an item missing which is hindering the EDB processing your claim.  Please rectify accordingly and return to us as soon as possible so you do not miss the deadline.

If you do not receive a returned form by today, the EDB advised us that with a high volume of claims forms, they are spread among many different offices within the EDB to expedite administration. Therefore, if you have not received your payment or had your form returned it may very well still be in the administration stage.

The EDB have asked us to relay this information to families so please be patient as they work through this high volume of applications.

AISHK Administration Office