AISHK 25th Anniversary Throwback: AISHK Cookbooks

Published in 1998, ‘Wattle You Have?’ is a compilation of recipes from the school community, several well known restaurants, and prominent members of the broader Hong Kong community including Anson Chan, former Chief Secretary of the Hong Kong government, and Jenny Shipley, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Editor, Margaret Merrell (Primary Principal, 1995-2003), says that “the plan with the cookbook was to actively involve our school community, raise the profile of the school in the broader community and act as a fundraiser as well. Some family recipes came with great photos of family members preparing or enjoying the food.”

You can access a digital copy of ‘Wattle You Have?’ here.

Nine years later in 2007, the cookbook ‘A World of Food’ was published by the AISHK Parent Association. Below is an except from Dhanara about the book which was an AISHK PA fundraising project.

” ‘A World of Food’ is a beautiful compilation of recipes and travel photography from the families of the Australian International School Hong Kong.

“Our families come from over 29 different countries and even more cultural backgrounds. This book is a collection of mouth-watering recipes and spectacular photographs that capture the diversity and vibrancy of our school community.”

You can access digital copy of ‘A World of Food’ here.

There are also copies of ‘Wattle You Have?’ and ‘A World of Food’ available at the library if you’d like to borrow them. Happy cooking!