[Head of School Message] Week 7 Update and Primary Student Feedback

It has been another great week at school with the return of Prep students on Monday. I greeted one of the new Prep students this morning with “You’ve had a whole week at school now, so I bet you are glad it’s Friday?” He then asked me why he would be glad it is Friday, and I explained “Because you now get two days off.” He very quickly told me that wasn’t a good thing as he wants to come to school every day! If only we could bottle that energy, enthusiasm and positivity!

Well done to all of our students for how well they have adapted to and coped with our new social distancing and hygiene measures. All of our systems and protocols have worked remarkably well.

The students right across the school from Prep to Year 12 have made a huge effort to modify and change their behaviour. It is amazing how quickly the new norm establishes itself as the status quo. Being children and teenagers, they don’t always have to do everything perfectly every minute of the day, but with a gentle reminder they willingly comply.

I have been so impressed with the students and their compliance and their acceptance and understanding of the new way of doing things. Having the students back on campus is brilliant and I have loved nothing more than to hear the noise of the students laughing, playing and enjoying themselves.

It is great to see the students’ enthusiasm and excitement for being back at school and spending time with their classmates friends and teachers. There is no doubt that there were a few weary faces this morning greeting me at the front door as getting up earlier and getting back into a slightly different school routine again is taking some getting used to after months of a very different routine!

I would like to pass on an enormous thanks to all of our parents who have been so supportive of our return to school and for everything you each do for your children. I have really enjoyed touching base with many of you in the mornings and the afternoon. I look forward to the day when we can have you all on campus more!

Mark Hemphill | Head of School