AISHK Promoted to Gold Division of ISSFHK Competition

U/14 ISSFHK Silver Division Soccer, 2018-2019

The International Schools Sports Federation Hong Kong (ISSFHK) is the local international school sports competition in which AISHK competes. ISSFHK is comprised of three graded divisions. AISHK is currently in the Silver Division.

We are pleased to announce that AISHK has been promoted to the Gold Division for the 2020/2021 sport year!

Other schools in the First Division include Discovery College (DC), Canadian International School (CDNIS), Chinese International School (CIS), Harrow (HAR), Hong Kong International School (HKIS), Hong Kong Academy (HKA), International Christian School (ICS), Independent Schools Foundation (ISF), Kellett School (KSHK), Renaissance College (RCHK) and Yew Chung (YCIS).

This is a great achievement by our Sports staff and the students and one we should be very proud of. we look forward to continuing our collaboration with ISSFHK and its members in future.

September 2019: AISHK co-hosts swim meet with Yew Chung International School (YCIS) and American International School (AIS)


Tim Tait | Director of Sports & Activities