[Head of Secondary] From Google Meets to Good Mates

Welcome to the start of the school year. We are sharing a great sense of joy at having our students back on campus and settling into school routines. Whilst learning happened online, the subtleties of human exchange and nuanced meaning have been missing but it’s now back, in the school context, even though we are wearing masks.

Our first day on Wednesday started with a necessary extended Homeroom which covered fundamentals such as diaries, lockers, routines and timetables, as well as reconnecting and welcoming new students. From then, classes unfolded with a sense of welcome and wonder with new students establishing friendships, and those returning adjusting to the new arrangement of separated desks and other classroom routines.

It is particularly nice to have Year 7 with us and adjusting so well to Secondary routines. They demonstrate a sense of confidence and appreciation of all that is happening, and their teachers are happily learning about them as well.

One thing that we teachers have noticed is how much the students have grown in stature, as they are much taller than we saw them last in December. Even the Year 7s are looking so tall and strong at this point of the term.

Our lunch and recess food breaks look different due to the reduced available seating in the Cafeteria and Sports Terrace. With the pre-boxed meals and ‘carry-out’ opportunity, the students have spread out around the Field and Cafeteria so that the breaks are a relaxing, comfortable and ‘safe’ experience.

As is typical of AISHK students, they have shown a very positive demeanour and a great deal of grace in adapting to their new school-based circumstances. Their sunny and warm dispositions create a high degree of satisfaction for their teachers and encourage the very positive learning environment which we expect in our school.

The remaining four weeks of the term will be very busy and we will be publishing reports at the end of June which will summarise what has been accomplished during the semester. The report will have some differences for this period and we will separately write to advise you of those details.

It has been an excellent week of getting back together on campus and the next weeks will fly with the busy interactions in the learning and activity program. I look forward to reporting further in the next Dhanaras.

Howard West | Head of Secondary