AISHK 25th Anniversary Throwback: ‘The Wiggles’ Visit Our School

The original Wiggles (left to right): Murray Cook (Red Wiggle), Jeff Fatt (Purple Wiggle), Greg Page (Yellow Wiggle), and Anthony Field (Blue Wiggle)

In 1997, the popular Australian children’s music group ‘The Wiggles’ visited AISHK for a school performance. Forming in 1991 in Sydney and known for their iconic coloured skivvies, for driving the ‘Big Red Car’, and performing with ‘Dorothy the Dinosaur’ and ‘Wags the Dog’, The Wiggles have gained international recognition and popularity for their entertaining and educational songs catered to early childhood audiences

Since 2013, the group members of The Wiggles include Anthony Field (original Blue Wiggle), Lachlan Gillespie (Purple Wiggle), Simon Pryce (Red Wiggle), and Emma Watkins (Yellow Wiggle).

Below is an excerpt from Dhanara dated Wednesday 15 October, 1997 titled ‘The Wiggles visit’.

“On their first day back to school for the Term, children, from Reception through to Year 2, were treated to a special visit by The Wiggles. The musical foursome, who is Australian based, provided some fun entertainment which enabled all (including teachers) to wiggle and jiggle their way through half an hour of the lunchtime.

Special thanks must go to Mrs Dianne McKenzie for her part in making this visit possible. The Wiggles are here in Hong Kong on tour so we certainly appreciated her efforts in organising a time for them to come to our school.”

Reception to Year 2 students enjoy a performance by The Wiggles and demonstrate their famous ‘wiggley fingers’