[Head of Primary] Week 6 Update

It has truly been a very special week. Never have I been so excited and nervous about students coming back to school! It has been wonderful to have Year 1 to 6 back on campus with us.

The anticipation, motivation and enthusiasm were at all time highs from students and teachers. Walking into classrooms, you could feel the buzz of energy and see the relationship between students and teachers being transformed from online to face-to-face.

Everybody is adapting incredibly well to the safety measures which are in place around the school. Students are becoming accustomed to wearing masks well, washing hands regularly, sitting face-to-back in the classroom, eating within social distancing rules in the cafeteria or auditorium, and limited games at lunch play. Even with these new guidelines to follow, students are enjoying being back among their friends and teachers again.


There has been an appreciation from everyone of the small things that face-to-face learning provides, like moving between classes, being able to ask peers a question, working in different areas of the school, being able to greet friends from other classes and learning without technology! While the online learning has been a learning experience for all of us, there is no doubt that it does not replace learning at school together.


This week has placed much focus on the wellbeing of students. We need to ensure students are feeling safe, comfortable and connected to their peers and teachers at school, by developing positive relationships and developing a relational culture. We know that when students do feel safe, comfortable and connected, they learn better. Our Primary School Psychologist, Jean McPherson, worked with teachers and assistants in the lead up to the return of school about how best to support students in the transition back to a real-life environment, and has continued working with the students during this week.

We we understand that the restrictions to parents being on the school grounds in the morning and throughout the day has been challenging, and we thank you for your patience with this. We look forward to inviting parents back on to campus when we are able to do so.

With Prep joining us on Monday for the first time, we get to relive the excitement of the first day all over again. I can’t wait!






Brendan Kean | Head of Primary