[Head of Primary] Week 4 Update

On behalf of the Primary Division, we would like to say how excited we are about the resumption of classes at AISHK for our students! School has been a very lonely place this year and it has been a great reminder that I chose a career in education because I wanted to work with children. I think everybody would agree that students, teachers and parents are all very excited about the return to ‘normal’ school life!

It has been quite a whirlwind recently in preparing for the return of students and meeting the Education Bureau (EDB) requirements for the resumption of school on campus. These requirements stipulated by the EDB, which include all students facing the same direction in the class (‘face to back’), not eating in the classroom, wearing masks all day, different entry points into school, staggered finishing times, minimised access for parents on campus and limited socialising in the playground will take some time getting use to for all of the community. However, the opportunity to have students back on campus outweighs any of the challenges we might face in meeting these requirements. We will provide more details for parents next week closer to the returning date.

As we begin to think about students returning to school on campus, we do need to take the time to think about the transition from learning from home to learning at school. For many students, they have not been at school since December 10 and so we know there will be a whole range of mixed emotions about coming back. For our new students this year, who have been learning with us for almost a semester, many of them have never met their peers or teacher face-to-face. We cannot underestimate the importance of helping all our students settle back into school life again. This will take time, and it is important we acknowledge and allow for this time, as students will be transitioning to a new school life.

For our Reception students who, unfortunately will not be returning in Term 2, we will continue with online learning for them. I will have the opportunity to Zoom with those students next week to begin weekly assemblies and I am looking forward to meeting them online.

We will be in communication later next week outlining the procedures for the return of school. These procedures will look different for students and their families depending on their year levels, and we thank you for your support with this.

I can’t emphasise enough how excited we are about having students on campus and we look forward to welcoming everyone back very soon!






Brendan Kean | Head of Primary