[Head of School Message] Secondary Return to School | Primary Informational Video

What a fantastic three days we’ve had back at school with our Secondary students.

How often are we greeted by teenagers with more than a grunt or a nod of the head? Well, this week there have been smiles, lots of laughter and lots of conversation!

I have to compliment our Secondary students on their impeccable behaviour this week. They have willingly accepted all social distancing rules and procedures and have been helpful, cooperative and understanding.

I must admit to having had a few sleepless nights in the lead up to the Secondary resumption, but it has all gone far better than I could ever have anticipated. A huge thank you to all the students, parents and staff for everything over the past three days and for all your contributions to making our Secondary return to school such a resounding success.

Our excitement is ramping up again in anticipation of our Year 3-6 students returning on Monday and our Year 1 and 2 students returning on Wednesday.

Please find below a Primary Return To School Video which, to assist our Primary students in understanding what to expect when they return to the AISHK campus. You may recognise some familiar faces! Please note that this video is a representation of the safety and social distancing measures we have implemented at school, made for the audience of Reception to Year 6 students. Therefore, the safety measures demonstrated are not exhaustive, are not to scale and may differ in reality on campus.

I have no doubt that we will have some very excited students, parents and teachers on both Monday and Wednesday. We honestly can’t wait.

Please have a restful and relaxing weekend before what will be the most highly anticipated week of the year!

I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Mark Hemphill | Head of School