[Head of Secondary] Term 2 Week 2 Update

Welcome to Term 2 where our online learning in Secondary has been up to speed since day one and receiving a high degree of patronage by students.

I would like to commend the Secondary students on their attendance record as teachers report a high degree of participation and engagement. The updated teaching delivery of every lesson with allocated working time is producing successes for Years 7-10, and Years 11 and 12 receive a variation to suit their needs. Even though there is an increased level of business for students, it provides a pattern of regularity which is supported using Google Classroom and Calendar.

Practical subjects have been providing opportunities for students of D&T and MT to be able to send their designs to Ms Carini who is then ‘printing’ the product on the 3D printer. The students then have a product or prototype which they can use for further design development. Construction kits for use at home have also been popularly taken up by students.

Mathematics and English teachers have been using digital visualisers so that students can see the teacher’s handwriting and script notations from the written page with corrections and directions clearly in view. These additional devices are a useful tool for teaching a little more up-close than just demonstrating on a whiteboard.

Tests and assessments are being conducted using digital resources, but we are also simply having students write scripts, as we cannot neglect the art of handwriting and penmanship. Our Year 12 students will also be completing practice examinations through class time over the next few weeks.

Once students get back to classes, we will be running Friday Activities in the remaining time if available and there will be some time for SRC and House based activities to unfold.

We started Term 2 last week with an online assembly and during the next weeks we will convene further online assemblies to enhance the work of homeroom classes and year level meetings.

Enjoy the forthcoming extended holiday weekend.

Howard West | Head of Secondary