Online Learning Adventure: Around the World in PDHPE!

As we embark on Term 2 and resume online learning, we continue to maintain and develop engaging learning experiences for students.

This week, we shine a spotlight on Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) in Primary. Specialist Primary PDHPE Teacher, Joanne Spencer has created an online experience which allows students to “travel” around the world, completing one-minute challenges of a variety of sports skills.

By clicking on an interactive map, students can make their way through 26 countries of the world, “visiting” them in any order they wish. Countries are listed A-Z, with each country allocated an alphabetically corresponding sport skill for students to complete. For example:
A    Australia = AFL handball
B    Brazil = Basketball shooting
C    Canada = Catching
D    Denmark = Dodging



On clicking a flag, a pre-recorded video is activated, with a demonstration of the skill and the task. After watching the video, students participate and, where a ball is needed, they will use a “ball” of socks rather than an actual ball. This creates an even playing field when performances are being recorded, whilst ensuring safety and availability of items needed to complete the task.










Students perform each skill 3 times, for 3 results, record and submit their scores on an online document, and then proceed to another activity. Students are advised that they should visit at least 3 countries each week, to show they are being proactive learners.  Students are observed and supervised through Zoom, with the teacher answering any questions and providing feedback as needed. Results will be collated and shared with students during the term.

Thank you to all students for your enthusiastic participation!

We look forward to seeing the students continue to enjoy this learning experience and sport challenge, and to developing more creative ways to learn in Term 2.