Welcome to Term 2 From The AISHK PA

Dear AISHK Families,

On behalf of the AISHK Parent Association (AISHK PA), welcome to Term 2. We hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break, keeping safe and healthy.

As a reminder, or for those who may have missed earlier communication in the year, please refer to the school website which outlines the mission, plans and members of the Parent Association.

A Warm Welcome to New AISHK Families!
Although the start of the school year was not what we anticipated, the school and PA worked to reach out to all new 2020 families in Term 1, providing opportunities for them to contact and connect with each other. As a number of new families have joined AISHK in Term 2, we have again conducted initiatives to welcome, connect and celebrate our growing community! AISHK families will also be profiled with a Q&A in upcoming issues of the weekly e-newsletter, so do stay tuned for this and for ways to take part.

Year Level Representatives
For full details on how to become a Year Level Representative, what the role entails (adapted for the current circumstances), and to express your interest, please click here. In usual circumstances, class representatives would be arranged following face-to-face events such as the PA Welcome Coffee mornings held at the commencement of the new school year. This year, to allow time for families to adjust to and assess the current situation, the school and PA have decided to take a modified approach by seeking Year Level Representatives in Term 2 rather than Term 1. We will also be seeking Year Level Representatives on a year level basis, rather than by homerooms.

Communication & Social Platforms

  • For official school queries or communication, please contact the relevant staff or office directly
  • The AISHK PA is here to help when needed – please do not hesitate to contact the PA via aishkpa@aishk.edu.hk
  • The AISHK Parent Association Facebook Group was established as a social tool for positive, constructive and community-building discussion, related to AISHK or life in Hong Kong, for AISHK parents. Please remember to observe the House Rules of this group. To join please answer the security questions for approval, which are a safeguarding measure.

2020 Community Events
The PA and school have continued to develop our community events calendar for 2020 and to update these in line with evolving government directives and social distancing regulations. As per previous communication sent to parents, we have a number of events which we look forward to celebrating, including those to mark our 25th Anniversary. Please note that all information regarding community events may be subject to change. The school will further update parents directly regarding events when possible.

  • Friday 8 May | Welcome Festival: Postponed until further notice
  • Friday 29 May | Mother’s Lunch: Scheduled, pending until further notice
  • Saturday 15 August | 25th Anniversary Silver Ball: Scheduled, pending until further notice

The school and AISHK PA are also considering a range of virtual events for our parent community to enjoy. More details regarding this and an opportunity to share your ideas will be provided soon!

Thank You
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all new and returning AISHK families, all school management and staff for their support and proactive adjustment during this unprecedented time. The PA has continued to work closely with the school during the year to consider the best ways to engage with our school community, and we look forward to continuing this vital collaboration and solidarity as we move forward into Term 2.

With the school and PA working together with input from our supportive parents, we trust that the unique, AISHK sense of community will continue to be maintained throughout this challenging time when it is needed most.

Until next time,






Joanna Hartnett | President, AISHK Parent Association