AISHK Students Compete in Mandarin Speech Competitions

Towards the end of last year, we had a number of students take part in two different Mandarin Speech competitions: GAPSK Mandarin Speech Recitation Competition and 71st HK Schools Speech Festival (Mandarin Speech).  The results were outstanding.

Mila (Year 6) competed in the GAPSK Mandarin Speech Recitation Competition (International Group) and received 2nd Runner-up in the Year 4/5 Optional Recitation category.

Isla and Jaimie (Year 3), who participated in the 71st HK Schools Speech Festival (Mandarin Speech), received 4th and 5th place respectively in the Year 1/2 Girls Verse Speaking category. Competing against more than 50 local school students, their impressive performance were praised by the adjudicator.  In other different categories of the same event, Tiffany Chan was crowned Winner in the Year 1/2 Girls Prose Speaking and Marcus (Year 6) received Proficiency in the Year 5/6 Boys Verse Speaking.

Our students worked hard to prepare their speeches – congratulations on their outstanding effort and performance!

I would also like to acknowledge the effort of 5 students who spent time practising for the HK Schools Speech Festival but did not compete due to cancellation of the competition in November last year: Jessie (Year 3), Aashmi (Year 2), Jeffrey (Year 3), Ethan (Year 3) and Richie (Year 3).


Winnie Yung | Chinese Language Teacher (Primary)