Year 4 Newsletter | Term 4 Week 8

Dates to note for your diary

  • Thursday, 5th December: Swimming Carnival
  • Friday, 6th December: Arcade Games
  • Tuesday, 10th December: Speech Day and Christmas activities
  • Wednesday, 11th December: Final assembly at 11:00, School finishes at 12:00, mufti day


We have been continuing our work with diary and blog writing to add realism and the elements of effective writing that we have studied during the year.  With direction, students have built upon each step of the ‘journey’ – life before the major event, the time of the major event, leaving their home for a new place where it is safe to live, and life in that place.  There has been much background work with various reasons to leave a beloved home when natural elements dictate an untenable situation.  


We have continued our unit about Aussie Adventures, learning about distances in Australia between areas of interest, rounding, estimating and adding larger numbers.  In the final phase, robust discussion was held about why different people might have different results – for example some may have rounded their measurement between cities, thus affecting the calculation into kilometers or taking different routes between cities.  The articulation of mathematical processes was interesting.  


With everything that has been going on in Hong Kong over the past few months, and the resultant changes that have been made, it is a delight to see how well our Year 4s have hosted the final class assembly of the 2019 school year.  We could not be more proud of them! I hope you managed to see some of the fantastic work we have done with arcade games and infographics over the past few weeks, and we will look forward to welcoming you next Friday, 6th December to view and play the final products.  These games have successfully integrated programming (ICT), console making (Design Technology) and the making of the shell (Art). We would like to thank the many teachers who assisted the students in getting their arcades finished.

Swimming Carnival

The Year 3 – 6 swimming carnival will be held on Thursday 5 December at AISHK swimming pool. Due to limited space, the students will be in age group sessions across the day. This may mean they are on the poolside with their class teacher or teachers from other year levels depending on what age group they fall into. The students will be well looked after and the House Patrons will be there all day to ensure students get to their races on time! Please see the email from the Primary Office for the schedule. Parents are very welcome to attend the carnival.

Thank you

We would like to thank you for the year, which seems to have sped by.  We have been privileged to work with your children and have valued your support during the year.  We hope you have a wonderful holiday and once the children are back at school, we will look forward to seeing them as Year 5 students.  

Merry Christmas!

The Year 4 Team

Suzanne Sinclair
Celestine Yeung
Susan Blumenthal
Mark Wnek