Year 6 Transition to Secondary Mathematics

“What is Mathematics?”

This was the first question the Year 6 students were asked when they came up to Secondary for a short transition experience last week. Their answers were varied, positive and encouraging, as they showed that they are really enthusiastic about their Maths learning.

Here are some of the insightful and varied sample answers they gave:

  • “Mathematics is collaborating and testing your brain; adding things, problem-solving, sums and questions.”
  • “Mathematics is a form of communication which really nerdy/some people should get, but I don’t.”
  • “Mathematics ‘is’ in everything so is really important; adding numbers, measurement, area, perimeter, subtracting, dividing, shapes, multiplying. I think that Maths is a range of different things.”
  • “When people think of Maths they think of numbers, but I think missing patterns, sequences, kind of like algebra, grids.”
  • “Maths is a way to collect and create data to use as measurements foundations, size, structures and other reasons.”

These answers show that these students already have great ideas about many important aspects of Mathematics.

After giving their answers to this question, the students were introduced to a couple of problems suggested by Professor Jo Boaler of Stanford University, the founder of the website. She promotes the importance of visualisation as a powerful aspect for Maths learning, as it helps to ensure important ‘brain crossings’.

There are some excellent parent resources on this website, as well as resources for students. It is really recommended that you check this out.

The Maths staff in Secondary now look forward to getting to know these young students and to build on the wonderful mathematical foundations that have been fostered during their primary years.

Robyn Gregory | Head of Mathematics (Years 7 – 12)