[Student Report] Silver AYP Hiking Expedition

Over the past weekend, a group of Year 10 students took on a challenging Silver AYP hiking expedition. Although similar in difficulty with the Bronze level we undertook last year, the Silver AYP hike required more independent navigation and minimal assistance from our teachers Mr Skellern, Mr Stoevelaar and Miss Cilauro.

The expedition began on the 28th of November to the 30th, where the 15 of us hiked through the lands of the Sai Kung Country Park and Ma On Shan district, covering 45 kilometres over the course of 3 cold days. Though our bags were heavy with all our food, water, tents and other items, the incredible views we saw were well worth the sore backs and shoulders many of us sustained.

Although the hikes were difficult at times, painful and daunting, everyone managed to push themselves through and conquered the mountains of Sai Kung. The camping aspect of was an enjoyable experience where we cooked, talked and sat around campfires, as well as a valuable time for us to bond with our friends.

Congratulations to students: Hayden Lee, Max Cotter, Aidan Szeto, Marcus Chan, Daniel Stapleton, Georgia Lancsar, Jade Busch, Ashley Cartwright, Oscar Chaplin, Hannah Abrahamian, Claudia Wong, Ethan Bristow, Richard Leow, Hannah Gliddon and Zachary Yap for completing the expedition portion of Silver AYP.

On behalf of all participants, we would like to say a huge thank you to Mr Stoevelaar and Miss Cilauro for generously putting their time in to come along and help us on the hike, as well as Mr Skellern for his hard work in organising the expedition and preparing us for the hike.

Marcus Chan | Year 10