Introducing Leadership Training for Year 9 and Peer Support to Secondary

As part of the school’s ongoing commitment to strengthening our Student Wellbeing and Student Leadership opportunities, our Year 9 students completed two half days of Student Leadership Training on 2 and 3 December 2019. The Year 9 Student Leadership Training provided an opportunity for students to acquire and practise leadership skills to then apply to a range of life and schoolwide experiences, while also reflecting on and utilising their personal strengths.

Current AISHK Student Leadership opportunities include involvement in the Student Representative Council (SRC), Performing Arts, Sport, Community including YES Club, SEAMS 2020 and MUN. In addition to these existing initiatives, on completion of the Year 9 Student Leadership Training, students had the first ever opportunity to apply to be a Year 10 Peer Support Leader to Year 7 students at AISHK in 2020.

The Secondary School Peer Support Program seeks to increase connections across the school through vertical groupings. This allows students to form positive relationships as well as develop empathy and a sense of responsibility for students which they might not typically engage with. The structure and content combined seek to build protective factors such as sense of self, sense of possibility, connectedness and resilience, as well as establish a shared language across the school community. Modules are designed to equip young people with skills to deal proactively with life experiences, develop a sense of self-worth and belonging, and to encourage taking responsibility for decisions and actions.

Thanks to Ms Kath Ellis, Ms Elise Kelly, Mr Ben Foreman, Mr Mac Allante and Mr Arjuna Stoevelaar for facilitating the training and thanks to all the students who completed the training. We look forward to implementing Secondary School Peer Support for the first time in Term 1, 2020.

Kiely Murphy | Director of Student Wellbeing, Careers Advisor