Year 3 Robotic Olympics

On Monday the 9th of December, AISHK’s inaugural Year 3 Robotic Olympics was held in our Level 4 gymnasium. Students created, collaborated and competed using Milo the Science Rover, built using the WeDo2.0 Lego system. The event was the culmination of our ICT program for 2019 which was led by the inimitable Carl Ohlson.

Students were challenged in 4 events: a drag race, a hill climb, a race track and an obstacle course. Students built unique robots for each event working together to beat the clock, their peers and gravity. It was clear that everyone found the morning extremely challenging and a great deal of fun.

As can be clearly seen in the photographs below, student teamwork and engagement was at a premium and the event is sure to be a hit in years to come. Many thanks to the Year 3 staff and assistants for all your work helping to ensure it was a robotic ripper. Thank also to the PE staff for making way for us to hold the event. Keep an eye out for some brilliant programmers and Milo in 2020.

Andrew Bennett | Year 3 Teacher